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Pre-school Programme(Balwadi):

One of the oldest programmes of PDEI which has benefited more than 1,00,000 children in last one decade. It is a programme for 3-5 years old children.  Each class organized has about 15-20 children for 3 hours a day for 9 months. The objective is to enable children to become better-adjusted, happier learners, enabling better retention and achievement at later stage.

 Teaching Learning Activities are based on the following Developments:

1. Language development
2. Physical Development
3. Cognitive development
4. Social Development
5. Emotional Development

Currently, PDEI runs 300 Balwadis covering 6,000 children. The annual cycle of the Programme concludes with teachers getting the children who have attained 5 years of age, enrolled in the nearby Government and Private Schools.


PDEI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department Women and Child Development, Government of NCT Delhi. This has been done to facilitate preschool activities for 3-5 year-old children in selected Anganwadi classes of two Zones, South Shahdara and North Shahdara. As per the agreement, Pratham provides training and monitoring support to Anganwadi workers of these classes.

Anganwadi Programme impacts 3,000 children through 150 units.



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